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Better breathing

There are many reasons why people choose to wear a Breathe Right® Nasal Strip. The main one? Better Breathing. Whether it’s the nagging night-time nasal congestion, nasal congestion from seasonal allergies or simply breathing better relaxing at home or out and about. Breathe Right® Nasal Strips gently lift and open your nose so you can take in air more easily, helping you breathe better.

The Good News!

You can breathe easier, knowing that drug free Breathe Right® Nasal strips can
help you breathe better anytime, anywhere nasal congestion strikes.

See how Breathe Right® can help you

Night-time nasal congestion

Snoring and night time nasal congestion keeping you up all night? Better breathing means better sleep.

Deviated septum

From a stuffy nose to snoring, a deviated septum can lead to a variety of breathing issues. Breathe Right® Nasal Strips help you breathe better.


Colds often cause nasal congestion. Breathe Right® Nasal Strips open the nose to help relieve that stuffy feeling.


Nasal congestion caused by seasonal allergies can lead to difficulty breathing, Breathe Right® Nasal Strips help you breathe better.

and safe to use
with medicines

Breathe Better,
Sleep Better

Helps reduce snoring
for a better night's sleep

Shown to
Relieve Nasal

Relieves nasal
caused by colds

nasal congestion

Breathe Better,
Feel Better

Get More Air
Better breathing starts with us

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